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    Keep hearing the government are looking at increasing the road tax
    Can anyone throw any light on this
    Just debating when I decide to change from my 5th wheel rv to a American A class RV whether to use my parents address to register or bring it back to Guernsey and register it here so don’t have to pay uk road tax on her
    As here we only pay one import payment on emissions


    There been lots of talk about motorhome roadtax going up not sure but think the newer vehicles with bigger engines are paying more.
    My Fleetwood REVOLUTION 40LE us up for sale
    £65000 offers around 2005 just spent over £20000 in last yr upgrades etc


    hi james i’ve not heard anything but as edward has said more than likely its new or newly imported vehicles first but i’m sure we won’t get away with it for more long as they will now try and price all petrol vehicles off the road.

    edward that’s a bargain for someone m8 are you downsizing


    Key master yea downsize getting on in life age she a stunning RV


    Edward she’s a lovely RV good luck with the sale. Looking forward to a beer in April 👍👍👍

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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