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    help and advice on maintenance solutions


    My first big issue was when I realised that my one year old mattress was mouldy on the underside.
    I had to buy new, so this time I had two single mattresses made that zip together so they are easier to turn and I turn them every week. They were made by the Odd Mattress Company and are very comfy, but if you use them do ensure that you get all quotes writing. While awaiting delivery, which did take several weeks, I bought a load of square section plastic drain pipe, a cheap rivet gun and rivets, some broad webbing from a chandler a strong craft knife, a hack saw and a really big drill bit for plastic. with the help of my son I cut the pipe in to widthways lengths, drilled extra air holes along the lengths and then riveted the webbing down the lengths to form a slatted base. You can see the ends of the pipe and the gap under the mattress but I don’t mind that. It wouldn’t take much to fit a side panel with air holes to dress it if you wanted too.
    I’m careful to make sure there is always a gap between the van wall and the top of the mattress and pillows too.
    I’ve also bought a little dehumidifier and air the van as much as possible. It’s worked for the past year so far.


    I can reseal your roof if your near Cornwall at a small cost including materials


    I can also fit and wire in your solar panels contact me for costs


    Rv furniture drives seats sofa and dinettes

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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