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    Gareth Walker avatarGareth Walker

    I have a Mk7 2011 Transit okay not a motor home but still a transit FWD same as a lot of motor homes .
    Now it started to get an oil leak and not having time I left it for a month as it wasn’t getting any worse so just stuck a drip tray under it thinking it was the timing chain cover or the crank seal leaking as the front of the engine was covered with oil.

    Yesterday I degreased the engine down and got all the grime gunk and muck off it only to find a hole in the sump with the oil coming out at a rate of knots, the muck was actually plugging the oil loss.

    Plan to get sump off tomorrow as I’ve ordered a new one….
    I think it has rusted away and a hole has rusted though either or it rusted thin and a stone has hit it and made a hole.

    Called into Fords and got a price for a new sump over £300 got a new one on eBay £21

    So if you have a MH with a Transit cab or a panel van coversion it maybe worth checking your sump to see if theres any rust, you don’t want to be on your hols or in some foreign parts and suddenly lose your oil and finish up with a seized engine….. I thought it was just surface rust but it must have gone deeper than I thought or the metal must just be paper thin…. the same sump can be found fitted to the Mk6 Mk7 and Mk8s

    Gareth Walker avatarGareth Walker

    Well just in and thawing out.

    I have just fitted the new sump oil filter and refilled with oil thats one good job done today.

    Found out the leak was coming from a spotweld that was failing….

    Must say the eBay sump fitted spot on no troubles with lining up holes


    Thats good. another job out of the way.


    very much appreciated

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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