Hi all, is there anybody there….lol..

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    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Hi everyone, we have a baby RV compared to most of your land yachts. 🙂
    Roadtrek 170 popular 1996 Dodge.
    Having a muse….
    We have an aisle shower & decided that we didn’t want to be putting all that excess moisture in the van, so have insulated the lowered floor area & changed the shower curtain to a ‘privacy’ curtain for loo use.
    This works very well.
    Now that leaves us with a substantial hot water tank which will only be used for the kitchen sink & outside shower. So seriously thinking of taking it out to gain the cupboard space and reduce a bit of weight on the heavy side of the van.
    Any thoughts on this ? Some disadvantage we’ve missed ? We would clean up the tank & keep in storage in case one day we sell her on.



    It’s a personal preference thing really if you can manage without hot water then take it out

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Well we have a tank full of hot/warm water after a days run anyway. So only need to run the engine a bit & the exhaust warns it up. 😂


    Hummmm not sure that would work but as said if you feel you can do without a water heater then great but it might restrict where you can park up ie only on campsites with showers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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