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    tell us about your day

    Sue Gilson avatarSue

    Be a lot better when this wind and rain ….. off !! 💨💨💦💦


    Still bloody windy here far some reason


    Well, today has been a good day. We have been very busy shopping but when we got home we found out that a Facebook friend had been badly let down. She was supposed to be moving into a new rental property on Monday 22nd January but was informed this morning that the property owners had decided not to rent it out after all, despite our friend having paid a substantial bond and her rent in advance! So we have decided to let her ‘house sit’ our empty house until it is sold. We cannot rent it to her because of mortgage restrictions but allowing her to ‘house sit’ is not a problem and it will also solve a problem with a condition of our house insurance. Just waiting for her to let us know if it’s something she would be prepared to do.


    Hi everyone my day has been good getting better day by day soon be all fighting fit again 🙂
    Lee and sheryl


    Well done LEE 👍👍

    Sue Gilson avatarSue

    That’s good to hear Lee well done keep it up 😁

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Well didn’t get much sleep, the older of our two dogs wondered into the bedroom at 0345 hrs & asked to be let out. Only out for a few minutes so maybe a senior wee moment, anyway finally I got back to sleep about 4.30 to be woken at 6 by a massive squall, howling wind & driving rain.. thought this was April, in sunny spain. 😣 .. Oh well now waiting for delivery man with customers repaired navigation equipment.
    Coffee time then.


    Yes we had the high winds and rain

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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