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    hello everyone my name is Richard. first of all welcome and thank you for joining.

    I am your host so any problems please use the contact us button on the home page and I will do my very best to help you.

    I have created this forum to help others like yourself to get recommendations from our knowledgable members
    so have a look around and join in

    thank you




    Hiya! Well, that’s an hour of my life I won’t get back! What a kerfuffle! But I’m in at last…..cheers!
    I’m Elaine Tiffin, but prefer my username! 64, I’m an ill health retired midwife & nurse.
    Mum of 3 adult daughters, youngest has my 6 grands. A couple of years after I retired, my ex hubby retired too (he is a good mate!)
    With our pension lump sums, we decided, since we could never afford to rent French villas again, we’d buy a Yank RV with room to have a bedroom each & to enable us to take our 2 Basset hounds. That was 2012.
    Apart from Meester Chris being struck down with bladder cancer in 2014 & a year off in 2015 due to his major op, we’ve had long summers in France since… UK trips when the mood takes us…..which is often!
    We’ve done 2 meets so far (try having them when we’re in UK Richard?) & hope to come to more…..awesome making new friends…..I’m a social animal, but Meester is the reticent sort!
    Looking forward to this forum & making more friends…..Happy days all!


    Well done 👍👍👍


    Hi Richard, managed to sign up and in without a hitch. Took me about 5 minutes in total using my iPhone 6! Will come back and do a proper intro when i can get in on my iPad. Can’t stand using onscreen keyboards!


    Well done Gary 👍👍


    Hi all , We are from Norwich and have had our RV Santara for 3 years. We are retired and try to spend 6 months away a year.Unfortunately in the last couple of years we haven’t ventured too far from home. Hopefully this will be rectified this year. Previously, in our Chieftain we spent 6 months in Spain. A site about 5 miles south of Benidorm right on the beach. Villa Joyosa. A fantastic site but not bigger enough pitches for RV’s. Previously we have stayed at L’ Estartit which is about 40 miles over the boarder to Spain. We have seen an 18 wheeler 5 th wheel at this campsite which can take good size RV,s. It’s by the beach. A fantastic site which is extremely well maintained.


    Well done kirstie welcome


    Hi Richard et al

    Just signed up after being in the Facebook group for a while.

    Looking forward to exploring the website and hopefully posting a few of our adventures. Some with my Brother Lee who’s also on here.

    We have a 1993 Tiffin Allegro Bay 27 that we picked up in October, but have only used once so far. Our adventures start at Easter when we’re planning a round trip for a week from here in Essex to Linc’s, then to the Peak District, then maybe back via Norfolk.

    Watch this space.



    Welcome Paul sorry for the late reply. Hope you find the site helpful and if you can add anything to what is already here that would be fantastic

    paula taylor avatarpaula taylor

    Hi my name is Helen and I’m a full-timer with 15 kitties and a rabbit


    Welcome Helen 👍👍👍

    Liz Coles avatarLiz Coles

    Hi, I’m Liz he’s Monty and we have owned American Rv’S in the past and decided to go smaller with a Hymer….too small so that is sold and hopefully we are buying a 2002 Euramobil. We travel with two dogs. We are in Spain for hopefully the next year. Maybe meet some of you on our travels.


    Welcome aboard 👍👍👍


    Hi all,

    We are Bob n Jules, we retired in October 2016 and set off in our Eura Mobil to spend a month touring a bit of Spain and 4.5 months in Portugal and enjoy it we did, on our return to work for the Camping and Caravanning Club as Holiday Site Assistants after 3 sites we realised that we were enjoying the life but needed a larger vehicle…..enter the Georgie Boy Persuit which took some time to get used to but we love it, the extra room whilst we are living on the road is magic. We are back in the UK after spending Feb and March in Portugal and France, getting ready for this summers work before touring Europe in the winter. You can’t miss us as we have a trailer with a Lotus seven on th back. Regards, Bob n Jules


    Well done and welcome onboard feel free to add anything to the website if you think it might help other. Thank you for joining 👍👍


    In my past life I was an engineer and have owned a number of American vehicles so do have an understanding of them, if I can be of help please ask


    Well done and thank you 👍

    Adrian Lamont avatarAdrian Lamont

    Hello and thankyou for allowing me to join the club. I look forward to learning a lot from everyone here. And in return if i can help anyone in return i will do so.


    Well done thank you for joining. If you can add anything to our website please feel free to add it and welcome to our community 👍👍👍

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Oh I missed this bit.
    Hello, I’m Suzi. Expat living & working in Costa Blanca Spain. The OH & I stumbled over a Dodge Ram Roadtrek Forsale over here so decided to give it a new home.
    Nothing worked on it when we bought it but within the first day the OH had it all up & running, except the old Fedders Aircon, so we took that out.
    Now we’re done a few 1,000s kms & love it even more.
    We’re here if anyone needs help or just a chat.
    We’re got an extensive workshop & cover most things from electrics to upholstery.


    SuziQ that’s good to know I see you’ve added your details to the related forum 👍👍👍


    hi 🙂

    we are pat and Tracey,

    Pat is a fireman and I manage a home care service for the elderly, we have 3 small people, ( well small adults really ) oh and a dog – she is the biggest baby.

    we don’t get to go away as much as we would like, our dream is to not be working full time but sadly we are still a slave to the wage.
    we have owned two motorhomes and this year decided to get an RV after coming to one of the rv club meets and spending the afternoon on our new friends RV, we were hooked and bought one of our own .

    so far we have been to Ireland and explored the UK , hopefully off to Spain next year.

    we have attended a couple of the group meets, they are great fun, maybe we will see you at the next one …………..


    Welcome Tracey and pat great to have you onboard 👍👍


    Hello Richard & all.

    My name is Paul Michael & My wife is Laine Michael.

    We had approximately ten RV’s over a 20 year period but haven’t had one for ten years until I retired in May 2017. We now have a Damon Daybreak 3070 RV.

    We have a small dog (Pixie) and our new hobby is metal detecting.

    We hope to join in with some of your rallies next year and look forward to meeting you all.


    Paul & Laine


    Welcome Paul hope you find the website helpful 👍👍


    Thanks for setting me up on here Richard, not sure how I managed to do the payment side and miss setting up the forum bit… lol

    I’m Adrian and I have just imported a 2019 Winnebago 1700BH travel trailer from the USA

    I got it so that I could take my mother away on short breaks now that she is getting on a bit (whispers… 84 next year)

    I’ve not had one for about 20 years so things have changed a bit since then.

    Oh, and like Paul, I do metal detecting too when I get the chance 🙂


    Welcome onboard Adrian hope you find the website helpful 👍


    Hi Everyone! I’m Teresa (hubby is Stuart) and we are not yet owners of an RV but will strive to be during 2019 – we just need to find the right one.

    I’m a lawyer and have been for just over twenty years, however the dream is to drive off into the sunset somewhere warmer and give up the full time office job (after spending about a year full timing in the UK while working in order to save the much needed money!).

    Joined the club to get ideas and experience from those who own an RV – I’m sure there is lots to learn!


    Well done and welcome 👍👍


    Hi all
    I’m James from Guernsey Channel Islands
    Only had my 5th Wheel RV for a year
    Only been used twice so far
    It a bit of a hassle with 7 dogs that go with use when we go on holiday
    have to take two vehicles which is a bit of a pain but ha ho we just get on with things
    Well just a bit to get on with


    Well done m8 7 dogs are challenge but it is what it is


    Welcome to the club James 👍👍

    Sue Gilson avatarSue

    Welcome to the Club James 😊


    Thank you Sue and Richard

    Paul Woodward avatarPaul Woodward

    Hi ya I’m Paul but everyone calls me Woody I’m a Motorhome enthusiast, have been afflicted for years!
    Now I’m employed as Motorhome Salesman at Nick Whales in Evesham. My idea of utopia! Living meeting great fun outgoing people and helping them choose their own Motorhome. To me I think my enthusiasm shows!
    I’m also a Microlight Pilot when weather allows and run a small hobby making mugs coasters keyrings etc for Microlighters and Motorhomers too. Thanks for the warm welcome, Richard you’re a star. Cheers


    Hi Paul sorry for the late reply been a little busy with the dinner dance weekend glad to have you onboard m8

    Paul Woodward avatarPaul Woodward

    Hi Ya I’m Woody I’ve been a Motorhome enthusiast for years and a Petrolhead my whole life.
    After a career in the Motortrade Parts and Sales I’m loving my new Job as a Motorhome Salesman for Nick Whale in Evesham
    I’m getting opportunities to get more time off to enjoy my Suntour 590 RL
    I enjoy tinkering with it and using it.
    Ive been away a few times over the last couple of years and I love the social side and look forward to meeting many of you soon.



    See you at the fish and anchor in sept

    Carolyn Dexter avatarCarolyn Dexter

    Hi. I’ve just met Gavin in France who told ne about this site. My name is Carolyn and Hubbys name Tony. We have had an RV now for 4 years and love it. Changed our Winnebago Sightseer last year for a slightly newer Winnebago Itasca Sunstar. Never had a caravan, motorhome or been in a tent before this!! Going to get a sticker saying “no I’m not a lorry driver, it has a 6.8 engine, it does around 15 to the gallon and no it’s not hard to drive!!! Get these same questions everywhere we go.


    Hi Carolyn and Tony great to have you onboard and a very big welcome to the club. Say hi to Gavin for me tell him beer money on it’s way lol 😝 lots of members discounts and look out for up and coming meets that we organise they are relaxed and great fun. Hope to meet you at some point xx

    Denis Wenhold avatarDenis Wenhold

    Hi my name is Denis we have been Rv’ing for about 20 years, we have a holiday Rambler Ambassador.
    We are now retired and enjoying life in the RV.


    Hi Denis welcome to the club. Lovely rv and so please retirement is good for you hopefully we see you around at some point.

    If your on Facebook we have a members only group you can join.
    Have a look around and check out the club discounts and what club meets are coming up. We organise and attend every meeting with our members they are all friendly people 👍👍👍

    Pud Waterhouse avatarPud Waterhouse

    Hi Everyone,
    My Name is Pud (not my real name)and my partner is called Lorraine, I have been a member on the FB page for some time now and finally got round to joining the website. We have a Ford E450 (see My profile) We’ve had it 4 years now but haven’t really used it for any lenth of time until this year when we are going to set off over to Europe in October, We both retired this April after 10 or so years of hard graft we can now use the RV for what it’s for 🙂 The plan is….well, we haven’t got a plan other than, Dover to Dunkirk and head towards Manilva to spend Xmas with our nephew in spain, we will be stopping at a few dropzones so I can do some skydiving and we will come back to the UK in summertime to explore England. It’s all a bit exciting and a bit scary at the same time.

    Pud x


    Welcome to the club please feel free to add any information you can to the lists we have here 👍👍👍

    Tanya Scott avatarTanya Scott

    A hi from new members Tanya & Mick

    We are new to having a RV (recently bought from Dreams) and we are also new to retirement.

    We were many years as Motorhomers but now have more to learn owning a RV.

    We’re off to Spain next month and look forward to being part of the forum

    Apologies in advance for any stupid questions



    hi tanya sorry for the slow reply. it’s great to have you onboard look forward to hearing about your adventures.

    Alan Gardiner avatarAlan Gardiner

    Hi my name is Alan i own a Winnebago Sightseer,usually spend 6 months touring in my RV and 6 months living on the North Down Coast of Northern Ireland.

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