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    a Popular thread on motorcycle forums im on so thought it might be good here.
    i will kick off with a double adapter kit so i now have 2 gasit refillable (at lpg forecourt pumps)gas bottles.
    once i figure out image hosting i will put a picture up.


    Haven’t bought anything for ages lol but need new p/s mirror at some point lol

    Sue Gilson avatarSue

    Oh I have a very long list …. 🙄
    But haven’t bought anything lately 😟


    Lol sue Gilson we all have a very big to do list


    Just bought electric water heating system but also looking at getting an in built compressor


    Let me know what you find m8 👍👍👍


    Will do Richard

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Just bought a little back lit 12v clock/temp/volt thingy. Had a nice little battery one from maplins before, but it’s so dark with all the curtains closed you couldn’t see the time if you woke up early, it’s important because if the dogs wake up to early we can tell em to bugger off back to bed or if it’s a reasonable hour get up & put the kettle on.
    Still need to order the Maxxair fan, got to do it soon or it won’t get fitted for the next trip.


    👍 you’d better crack on with the fan they are great

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Hmm lots of suppliers seemingly out of stock. Going to phone a couple tomorrow, any suggestions where to buy & delivered to Spain ?
    We’re looking for the deluxe in smoke.


    Star spangled spanner or rv spares

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Had a look at those Richard thanks, could only find the rain covers.
    No worries, think we’ve just ordered from Jacksons leisure.

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Hmmm, not going to well with Jacksons Leisure, first payment problems now still not been sent.
    Any one else used these people before ?


    No sorry I haven’t but hope it all ends well

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Hurrah the fan has arrived.
    Test run on the bench all working good.
    All we have to do now is remove the fantastic fan & put this in its place 😂


    well done


    Just ordered a top mirror for the Rv as it got took out by a Lorry last year. Can’t drive with a broken mirror anymore lol


    New rhino waste hoses as the old ones had a split in it not good when your parked next to someone and the black tank needs emptying lol

    Suzi Pennock avatarSuziQ

    Well the fan’s in & working a treat.
    How cool is it to operate it from the front seats 😁
    Dogs are happy.

    DH has been busy this weekend, changed parts of the steering, rear shocks, the old ones looked like the originals from 1996 ! Well *uggered. Fitted & wired in some rear fog lights, just have the brakes to bleed now & we’re good to go.
    Had a quick test run this afternoon & bounced nicely over some nasty speed humps 😂 handling is much more positive now, steering bits were well worn.
    We’re slowly getting her back on form. Most of the parts were from rockauto, & we only got charged import on one package 😁


    Well done 👍

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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