Members Benefits

Here at the Rv and Motorhome Club we are continuously working very hard to bring you the best deals possible.

You can get a discount on motorhome and rv insurance as we have teamed up with some of the leading insurance providers in the uk to bring you a competitive cover.

Online Chat

We have a thriving online community here where you can talk to like-minded people, share ideas and thoughts and get help and advice when you need it. From new owners to seasoned RV owners, there is always someone to get to know and get advice from if you need it.

Member Discounts

We have partnered with a number of companies who are offering members exclusive discounts on things such as:

Get money off of all of these products and services for only £15 per year!

Club Events

Here at the RV and Motorhome Club we organise meets and other events for our members to attend and enjoy with us.

Why not join us in one or more of our meet-ups. We have a lot of fun, relaxation, amonst friends and like-minded folk.

We very often have a Jacob’s Table, Charity Raffles, Karaoke and more.

Join now so that you can be part of the RV & Motorhome Club and meet with us at one of our often discounted club meet-ups.

Members Only Information

We have lots of useful information listed in the members area, from campsite maps, foreign rules and regulations and much more...

RV Friendly Campsite Map

Very often, it can be difficult to find a site that will suit your vehicle type. We have an active list of sites that accept larger motorhomes such as RV's, 5th Wheels and larger European types of Motorhome.

All of this for the price of £15 per year!

Join our growing community

Get advice, make friends, live the RV & Motorhome adventure!

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