What are the two biggest challenges humanity faces?

Which beaches can we walk the dog on without getting a nasty fine and how can we watch UK TV when in Spain!

Don’t worry. I have the answer to both of these problems!

Just click on the map or link below to be taken to an interactive map of dog beaches in the whole of Spain:

Google Map of dog-friendly beaches in Span

Click the map above to be taken to a Google Map of dog-friendly beaches in Span


Even though we’re forever travelling and visiting amazing places, it’s still nice sometimes to be able to slob on the sofa and catch up with an episode of Strictly or Coronation Street, especially with these cold, dark, winter evenings.

All you need is a TV with an HDMI port to be able to connect an Amazon firestick and a data sim to a ‘hotspot’ from your mobile phone or from a Mifi device. If your TV has a USB port, that’s even better because you can power the firestick from that without the need for an additional 240w power source. With your hotspot on, the firestick should be able to connect to the internet without any problem.

Plus, I’ve been told as recently as last week, by Superdrug customer service that their unlimited data sim cards have no restrictions on use abroad and cost only £20 per month.

Next, install Livenettv onto your firestick. This will give you all the usual UK channels without the need for a VPN to hide your location. Install instructions here. https://www.firesticktricks.com/live-nettv-firestick.html

Once installed you can easily go into the app’s settings and hide all the channels from countries you are not interested in leaving you with a nice list of your favourites like BBC, ITV, C4 etc…even the footy! The firestick will also give you access to any subscription services you normally watch, such as Netflix and Prime Video.


ANY BETTER IDEAS? Are you using the Internet to watch UK TV abroad in your motorhome or campervan? What equipment are you using? I’d love to hear what’s working well for you. Well, it’s December 23rd and we only have six more days until our ferry back to the mainland from Mallorca. It’s the last ferry and if that’s cancelled the next one is in April! Stress!!! Wish us luck.

Merry Christmas everyone and safe travels,

Andy, Denise & Gordi Baba

Andy McKettrick is the best selling author of Flip-flops & Falafel – A handy guide to visiting Morocco in a motorhome and also Go West – A handy guide to visiting Northern Spain in a motorhome. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Andy-Mckettrick/e/B07YNKY4ZC/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 You can also follow him at AndyTravelWriter on Facebook.

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