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    If you’re thinking of visiting Gibraltar and don’t want to take your truck in (it gets very narrow in Gib be warned!) then there is a lovely Aire called Alcaidesa Marina in La Linea, the border town. It costs €12 for 24 hrs. Has a laundry €4 wash €3 for a dry. Quiet, clean and friendly spot. Can take bigger rigs than ours (8m) around the corner. Maximum stay three days. Walk to Gib, just a few minutes away, and catch the number 5 or 10 bus either which will take you into the very centre of town. Alternatively you can get dropped off at Morrisons on the way to town. A return ticket costs €2. The buses are clean and airy. There is a cheaper Aire option by the football stadium apparently €4 but we didn’t use it as the marina was so beautiful and quiet. We stayed 25th January 2018

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